Sunday, April 09, 2017

Can't get there from here.

You're a cowboy
roping all your bulls.
You're a cowboy
gravitation pulls.
~Willis Earl Beal aka Nobody

Every adventure requires a soundtrack that lifts the bare feet above the hard surface just an inch or so, even the internal travels.  This soundtrack came through the ether last night.  I'll never understand the internet, or the world wide web which seems more appropriate when you take into account how it connects people and stick them together.  You could call it a web of lifelines and it is just that sometimes, though it often feels like a Shell No-Pest Strip and that we're all just flies breathing their last on it. 

The web connected me to fellow 'traveler" Willis Earl Beal, aka Nobody four or five years ago through Funk Gumbo Radio, an internet station.  Get your own bio.  There are plenty on the web.  I'm not a music writer.  I'm an addict, the way I was addicted for so many years to other things, but I suppose this is more like being addicted to breathing.  My entire emotional and spiritual vocabulary is comprised of song lyrics and the odd twisting note.  That's another story though.  

More later.  The link is above.  Just listen.  You'll hear him.  You'll hear me.  If you want to  know how I'm doing, just listen.  

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