Saturday, April 22, 2017

Swan, swan, hummingbird, hurrah.

We're all free now...

I keep telling myself that the project with the lake is done, but I'm drawn back, me and my old dog to the shore to watch the ripples in the water and the birds feeding.  The swans were in close, dredging the mud kicked up by the rain.  Back to the man-made nature diorama we plunked down right here in the middle of one of the world's busiest cities so we'd have a place to find... to find... words?  I found no words there at the lakeside but I found the swans and a couple scrappy ducks.  There was border music drifting over from across the lake, a QuinceaƱera maybe. A cookout celebrating something or another that sounded festive and happy.

Am I happy?

I suppose I've been more unhappy, but I'm not exactly unhappy either. I'm just not happy. The opposite of happy isn't necessarily unhappy. It's just "not happy."

It was a sort of melancholic day, gray and rainy. Not a walkabout day and not a stay at home day. Not a get shit done day but not a do fuck-all day. I beat it out early and went up to the March for Science on the Upper West Side. There were brief bursts of excitement. There were drums, but folks weren't beating them so hard. There were the perfunctory chants and shouts here and there and a couple minutes of yelling outside the Trump Hotel at Columbus Circle.

But people seemed... tired. It could have been me, but everyone seemed to have been just going through the motions. Now, that's something I can certainly relate to. The outrage that was consuming my life after the election last November just wasn't sustainable. I've had to withdraw from the fray. It all seemed so... like... this shit is so much bigger than me and I felt like I was pissing into a stiff wind. It was eating me up.

And somehow the whole affair today rang false. There was no energy. There was no... hope.


We were ducks and swans swimming about in a filthy man-made lake that we were never, ever, fucking ever meant to spend our lives in, sticking our long necks down into grimy water to pull up whatever it is that we need to keep us going.

Well, shit. That got dark pretty quickly.

But that's just it. The darkness is always there just beneath the surface.

The Crocodiles would say just fake it 'til ya make it and sooner or later the light will shine in.

I'm faking it.

And I'm tired.

March for Science NYC

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Music of Nobody, aka Willis Earl Beal

"People are interested in pathos. People are interested in failure. People enjoy seeing a personality, it’s voyeuristic, and that’s what I play into. I want to make it seem like I could almost be in a room by myself and you’re looking in."

It's rare that I connect with an artist or more specifically an interview the way I do THIS PARTICULAR ARTIST/INTERVIEW, withh... what do I call him?  Nobody? Willis Earl Beal... 

"And the industry, or whatever it is, does not cater to people who are constantly evolving. Especially if you’re evolving in a non-linear, or perceivably non-linear way."

Man, the world just doesn't cater to people or anybody or anything that isn't laid out, boxed and labeled in a non-linear way.  It makes me think about my writing and my memory too really and how as vivid as it can be it has never been linear.  It's like someone took the original plans and tossed them up in the air and now I'm forced to hopscotch from page to page where they've all scattered on the carpet.  

But you can't really define WEB/NOBODY as this kind of artist or that kind of artist either, so I get it.  I've been listening to his recent recordings (Check them out here.) for about ten straight days now, mostly early in the morning and late at night when things are quiet.  They weren't what I expected, but then why should I expect anything at all from him or anybody?  What bigger fucking insult or imposition is it to expect something from somebody?  How can you say to someone, "Make me feel the way I felt the last time, or that very first time I heard you?"  

Make me...

Help me... 

Do this for me... 

Which leads to "I'm disappointed in you."

I'm not disappointed, perhaps because the connection is more about my only expectation of people which is to cut the bullshit and be honest.  Let it down, man and stop with the small talk.  I fucking hate small talk.  Tell me what you're afraid of and I'll tell you what I'm afraid of and maybe we can come to some moment of peace together and just for one fucking minute... just one fucking minute.  That's all.  We can do that for each other.  

But I get it, or I think I get it.  It's like he is talking about in the interview about the inhibitions of masculinity and how the ownership of the cock gets in the way of things.  There is the expectations of masculinity... the expectations of other people and your expectations of yourself.  There has to be a place, perhaps through art, or maybe fucking therapy or something where you can put down the barbells and connect with the parts you have to keep in a drawer and only pull out in your private moments.

Let's share some private moments.

You can't really do that, can you?  It puts people on their guard, doesn't it?  It's like... if you are keeping all that inside, maybe I have stuff like that secreted away too and I really don't want that and nah, I can't walk out of the house with that shit showing from beneath my clothes.  

But maybe this is more about me than it is about Nobody... That's how I listen to music though.  I want honest moments.  I've watched The Song Remains The Same a hundred times and never learned shit about Led Zeppelin or found any way to connect to them.  The songs still all remain just songs no matter how much I enjoy them.  How am I supposed to connect to Stairway to Heaven anyway with all its folky English mysticism wrapped up in cock-heavy guitar riffs?  But I digress... 


I am interested in pathos.  Maybe I'm a voyeur, or part voyeur and part exhibitionist.  Let me see and be seen.  Show me yours and I'll show you mine.  

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


At 15, nothing left
of the soft dimpled flesh
of toddler knees
All scars
And still you couldn't
convince me of this thing
called Gravity...

and four decades on
pressing up
remembering skipping lightly
across the top of the dam
at 25 it didn't exist
and now it comes for me
Death by Gravity

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Created my own reading nook.  #selfcare