Saturday, March 18, 2017

Lord have mercy...

The blues... I think about how far it came from some mythic Mississippi crossroads and up through the cities, spreading epidemic and somehow it jumped all kinds of barriers and it jumped colors which is probably the hardest barrier of all, but everyone hurts deep in their soul, don't they?  And then it ends up somewhere in the rainy Northwest having been processed through urbanization and industrialization and digitization and these strange kids start grinding it out, almost unrecognizable except for the way you know it when you hear it because you don't actually hear it with your ears it's more like something reached down your throat and is pulling your heart out from behind your teeth and you just want to howl.


Just howl.

I never ever wanted to feel this way but pain doesn't make any motherfucker unique, does it?  If it did then there would be no blues at all.  Maybe one guy would have it and nobody would relate so they'd tell him to grow the fuck up and get a banjo and play a happy tune.

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