Thursday, March 23, 2017

Know what it is, Coyote?

"Coyote people though have this sense of innocence and trust in the Universe that allows them to keep following their dream, no matter where it may take them. To Coyote, everything that one experiences is valuable. There is no right or wrong, up or down, black and white in Coyote's world. Its a hodgepodge of colour and experience and sensation that makes life to Coyote worth living. Anything less is too grim for Coyote to contemplate and this is why many Coyote people say (as do their friends and family) that they have lived several lifetimes in one. Granted, some of the experience has been painful, even terrifying at times. Sometimes the Coyote person feels like shaking their head and wondering how in God's name they managed to get themselves into such a terrible mess. Yet when the dust settles and the light dawns on a new day, the Coyote person is GLAD to have had the experience. They gained far more by their risk taking than they could ever have lost, even if its just that sense of total aliveness that comes from having been to hell and back and having lived to describe the journey."

It would be easy enough to dismiss any historicial/spiritual message, particularly those missives being filtered through New-Agey sorts messing around with the appropriation (or misappropriation) of indigenous spirtualality and religions.  Yet what happens when the message resonates?  Judgment has to be tossed aside at that point -- judgment of both the message and the messenger.  Having been assigned the coyote as my spirit-animal, though at first a source of humor for me, has been eye-opening.

My greatest failures in life, if they can be called failures (because if you learn from a mistake it just may not be a mistake, no?) have come through the sin of pride and believing myself to be exceptionally clever.  My greatest successes have often come through dumb luck.  


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