Saturday, March 25, 2017

Faith Revisited?

It's not a question of diminishing with snarky humor or dismissing the idea of faith or those who have it.  It's about my own lack of faith.  It must be nice though when confidence is in short supply and there seems to be no path in sight to turn it over.  Giving it my best shot and letting go of outcomes works on most days.

Then there are others.  

Long conversations with people who are possessed of faith in some form of god have yielded admiration for those people and their courage to believe, but left me with nothing for myself.  Fear remains.

Fear remains.  

Faith in mathematics and probability is enough on most days.  The odds are that most days will pass, given mindfulness, with nothing bad happening but feelings.

Then there are other days.  

This may be one of them.  

Let the spaces between the lines be a metaphor for my fear and my hesitance to move. 

Let them remain to portray my current state and the resulting inability to make clear decisions on even what to say.  

Let them remain empty for now, as a space to fill in any answers that may come to me over the course of the tribulations.  

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