Friday, March 24, 2017

Cluster Headaches

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This is sort of a placeholder for now...

It's difficult to explain a cluster headache to someone who has never suffered them, or migraines.  They are, for me, akin to the pain of a broken bone.  Imagine being walloped in the head with... well, a hatchet, to borrow from the image above.  That's no exaggeration!

The goal is to, at some point, explain the role that cluster headaches and migraines have played into other afflictions (depression and anxiety) and shaped parts of my life... my work life, relationships with family, friends and lovers, etc.  What form that will take remains to be seen but the goal is there.

I've addressed them medically in the past but I've moved forward in earnest to seek relief again.  I'm awaiting the results of an MRI from yesterday to rule out other issues (which I don't believe exist) but to be responsible about my own well-being it seemed necessary.

I admit that I am guilty of skepticism when people proclaim they've got a headache.  I look closely and upon quick examination can tell if they're for real or not.  It's not nice to be dismissive but there you go.  It's not the same.  It's not relative.  It's just not.

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