Friday, January 27, 2017

Ugly Ducklings

The ducks and geese swim in tight circles when the water gets cold, presumably to keep the water from freezing.  The swans come in close also, no real friend or enemy to the ducks or geese but there is strength in numbers and nobody should ever forget that.  

The Ugly Duckling... it might sound corny but whatever, that story always resonates when you're one of the kids that feels like one.  If you're the slightest bit self-aware you let it sink in and just hope.  You hope there's a shot for you yet and that one day people will look at you in admiration.  It may or may not happen and you may or may not get over it.

I think most days I am over it but every so often it sneaks back in, that doubt.  Mirrors are not your friend every so often and neither are checkbooks nor close looks at your life.  

And The Crocodile says, "let go or be dragged, pigeon.  Let go or be dragged."  

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