Thursday, January 05, 2017

Resolute - DDATHTL

Maybe it's the weather, or maybe some kind of emotional hangover.  Healthy food seems too healthy. The weights seem too weighty.  The track around the park seems too long, with or without the trusty hound.  There are new people out there.

The New Year's Resolution People.

The Resolved.

The Resolute.

Perhaps something in me is broken but I have no resolve.  I have a craving for cigarettes.  Perhaps it's a case of Seasonal Disorder.

I miss the sun.

My dog misses the sun.

Maybe I should have spent more time reflecting on the previous year, or maybe reflecting on my entire life.  Every time it feels like I've laid to rest all the things that need to be laid to rest, some doubt creeps back in.  I said it just recently.  I could pick any point in the timeline of my life and come to the same conclusion, that there is unfinished business.  It doesn't make any sense does it?  That's a lot to carry around.

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