Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Prospect Park - DDATHTL

More ghosts.

Not mine, for once.

They found another young man floating out there along the south end of the lake on Monday night.  19 years old is too damn young to be "found."  Unless it's hide & seek in which case it's too old.  I'm not being funny.  It's just sad.

They found him by the lean-to I was re-visiting last week, ruminating about my ghosts.  It only just struck me tonight that the lakeside must be crawling with ghosts.  I heard a story a few months back, when they found the last boy floating, that this dopefiend in Windsor Terrace used to drag people out there if they overdosed in his apartment, to make it look like... well , I guess they didn't always to toxicology analyses, right?  Heroin doesn't exactly engender loyalty.

Ghosts, though.  They must be piled up around the lake like a Coney Island beach in August.  Kind of makes it less inviting.

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