Monday, December 12, 2016

Prospect Park

The train station, my train station at Fort Hamilton Parkway less than a few blocks from where I took these idyllic photos was decorated with swastikas and assorted anti-Islamic and anti-Jewish slurs in the last few weeks since the election.  We can feign outrage but it comes as no surprise to me.  I've listened to local people speaking to each other in bars and stores, and sometimes they share with me when they see I've got a similar level of melanin... though sometimes their anecdotes start with, "You're not Jewish are you?"  

I always answer yes.  

So there was a little demonstration at the train station this morning and that's all sweet, if somewhat dishonest.  You see, the neighborhood is somewhat like my lake in Prospect Park.  It's scenic.  It's peaceful. It's fun.  If you fall in you're going to have a hell of a time getting clean.  It's filthy and at times even toxic.  It's why I don't swim in the lake (not that anyone does, on purpose anyway), and it's why I don't immerse myself in the locals.  

Not on purpose.  

We may be more conscious of the hate stuff now, but don't even pretend that it's new.  


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