Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Prospect Park - DDATHTL

Unrelated to anything really, there's this kid or young man or whatever you want to call him that I talk to on social media.  I'd met him in person first and he seems a harmless sort so why not Facebook.  There are people I know less on there, so whatever.  

He has a habit of ranting about this and that and one of the common topics is women.  Every anecdote shapes up like so:

Chicks just don't know what they want...
Girls don't want nice guys...
Women say one thing but do... 

And so on.  He does it a lot so last night I asked him if he likes women.  Seemed a fair enough question to me.  I clarified that I wasn't asking him if he is gay, but simply does he like women as people.   Long story short, we're not connected anymore.  

I still think it was a fair question but ya know?  He's young.  I still say a lot of really stupid things.  

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