Thursday, December 22, 2016

DDATHTL - Intoxication

Don't get it twisted.  Love is the most intoxicating and addictive of all drugs.  You'll see that many addicts have the same relationships with people that they do with their drug of choice, like crack for example.  When the current supply appears to have run short, you'll see the addict crawling across the carpet of their past, convinced they've dropped a rock.  They'll pull shit apart and scour the rug fiber by fiber and usually end up smoking cat litter or some nonsense that came in on the bottom of their shoe.

I'm not the crackhead and I'm not the rock, and I never will be.  Been out of that game a long damn time.

I'm not the rock you dropped.  Don't come looking for me when your shit runs out.  I'm not there.

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