Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Prospect Park Sunrise DDATHTL

I'm living somewhere outside of words this morning, but maybe it's lack of caffeine.  Jane was still somewhere lost in a rocky slumber this morning while I was putting on my sweats and shoes, getting ready to head to the park.  She was making that troubled, bubbling sound she makes sometimes in her sleep. Sometimes it goes directly to silence and sometimes to a long, resigned groan.  Is she dreaming about me? Who knows?  How wonderful would it be to know what goes on inside her block head?  There was peace for both of us by the lake though and we stopped for a bit at the end of our walk to watch the light come up over the far side.  

I will miss these times, even as I move on to the next adventure where there is sure to be plenty to busy my thoughts.  I will miss these times.  

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