Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Prospect Park - DDATHTL

Punch drunk for a week straight now and throwing wild haymakers at ghost images.  That may just be my permanent state from now on though.  This one knocked me for a loop.  Who knew that it was still possible to catch me off guard?  Surprise at this point in my life and having seen so much bullshit just seemed really unlikely but live and learn.  This was a doozy.  

I met Nigel last night for dinner.  He's in Pleasantville with the in-laws until after Thanksgiving.  It was good to see him though, truly.  The only weird part of the evening was walking over to 43rd and Vanderbilt to re-visit Patrick Conway's only to find that not only was our old haunt gone, but the entire block was gone.  An entire city block is currently a fenced off hole in the ground.  There were a few moments of what can really only be described as vertigo.  It felt like floating somewhere above the whole seen, lost.  It was dizzying.  

Just gone.  

There was more I wanted to say on this but it's lost in the ether.  It's been a long, long day.  

Scientist's say...

Well, they say a lot of things but they should say "Don't get used to anything or get too comfortable because it's going to change when you least expect it."

That's what they should say.  

But they say a lot of other shit.  

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