Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Listed under things I don't think so much about is the look on someone's face when they get on the F train and the very last seat was filled by the person that stepped in through the other door.  There will be only one person standing this morning and it is going to be you.  It's only two minutes at the most but the look on the face... it's too early in the day to look like that.  What if it were me?  I don't know if I would notice.  Sometimes I stand when there are plenty of seats.  No big deal.  It doesn't make me feel special.  Merely less encumbered.  There is plenty to think about.
Like what the fuck is that damn dog thinking when she lays there with her head on her paws and stares.  You know.  The important things.  It's important to me.  Sometimes it looks like she wants to say something.  By all accounts and everything I've read it would be something intolerably self-centered.  Obnoxious even.  I'm glad she can't speak.  Fewer people should speak. Hell, I should speak less or at least make more of an effort to say more when I feel inclined to open my face.
So today is brought to you by the letter A for Ass.  Too many people spend too much time worrying about their own ass.  May I not be one of those people.

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