Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Slow Train

I must've blinked.  It seems an entire year has passed on the slow train.  L'shanah tova or whatever.  A year has passed and it's now the future.  To pause and make a laundry list of everything that's transpired in the last twelve months just makes my head spin, but the whole thing seems like spinning in place or running in circles.  Surely there must've been some forward movement but the thought of stopping to think about is terrifying.   Centrifugal force has been dependable and the momentum might just spin me right off the face of the Earth. 

The spin gets faster as you get closer to the drain.  That's what I hear. 


Wrong consonant.



Maybe this sense of dread is just the change of season.  A week now with no real respite.   A week looking over my shoulder.  What's that about?  What could possible be back there?

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