Monday, October 10, 2016

Sex & Violence

Park Chan-Wook

Oldboy didn't just ask questions.  It made me ask questions of myself... about myself.

I think the connection between sex & violence goes deeper than how repressing the former drives the latter.  In the rest of the animal kingdom, from which humans have always removed themselves, there is a much closer link between the two.  Consent is generally a non-issue for other mammals.  There are no taboos.

Zero taboos.

At the same time it doesn't escape me how loaded the above suggestion is, especially in light of a presidential candidate crowing about what amounts to sexual assault being a privilege granted to powerful men.

To alphas.

I would imagine is forthcoming release, Handmaiden, is no less challenging.

(edit. note - I should replace a couple of the uses of the word "violence" with "aggression."   You can read into that what you will.)

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