Saturday, October 08, 2016



In bed this morning, she asked if I think I am an angry person.  


How to answer that?  I think I am outraged but not particularly angry.  I believe I am balanced.  That is, there are many things that make me angry but I don't feel angry most of the time.  There are a million little beautiful things on any given day.  There are moments that sometimes feel stolen but there are still moments.  

I still believe that if you are not outraged then you simply aren't paying attention.  There is plenty to be angry about.  

Is being angry necessarily a bad thing?  What if I were angry?  I guess I'm drawn back continually to the question of happiness.  Is happiness overrated?  Possibly so.  I am not unhappy.

I am outraged.

But I continually find beauty around me.  

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