Wednesday, October 26, 2016

All His Children?

Something so simple as having a set of keys so often taken for granted. Is there a holy being that wouldn't condemn us for letting this happen?

It's more apparent now with the cold weather.  More of the lost tribes are coming underground and the ones still out on the street become more obvious.  They are ill-equipped for even a mild winter, probably the only souls who may benefit even a little from this global warming thing. 

I have keys for now and further away from being without than just a year ago.  It was probably never as close as it seemed but heading off to housing court in the early days of November was humbling. 

If you're up there you son of a bitch you better wake up and mind your children.  Even the bad ones.  Don't talk to me about compassion and responsibility and then do jack shit about this.

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