Monday, September 12, 2016

How it works...

Barbara Kruger

And this is the sum total of the battle for the American electorate.  The Republicans have, at least more recently, been better at this than the Democrats.  That's at least part of the appeal of Donald Trump.  He is, in the eyes of his supporters, a regular guy, whatever that truly means.  His appeal is broadened by the fact that he is a "regular guy" that just happens to be wealthy as well.  It furthers the illusion that regular guys still have a shot, at the same time perpetuating the lie that he's going to look out for his "people."

He's not.

Not that Hillary Clinton is.  There's nothing "regular" about her and she doesn't even pretend.  The mainstream Democrats are still playing Great Society bullshit and believe they can continue to buy votes with social programs which they still believe shows that they care.

They really don't.

And Barack Obama is just shit out of luck on the public opinion scale.  He's about as close to a regular guy as we've had in office for generations, but he'll always be the "other."  He's their worst nightmare.  He's an Ivy League Black Man.

And that's as far as I'm getting into politics this year, dallying about in the Cult of Personality.

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