Wednesday, September 07, 2016


(Edward Hopper ~ Solitary Figure in a Theatre)

I wonder if people just outgrow each other.  I believe that can be the case.  I've come to believe more though, that as we grow into this realm of constant connectedness, the very idea of closeness becomes overwhelming.  Similarly to how people have lost their ability to process information in more than 140 characters at a time and can't read novels, our relationships now being doled out in bits and bytes has rendered us less capable of intimacy.  It's easier to shunt people aside and become automatically absorbed by the next in line, and so on.  Our personal lives become an assembly line rather than a crafted process.

We have rendered friendship and love disposable.


I don't know.  Maybe I've grown cynical.  Vows and proclamations raise my eyebrow as much as anything else.  I've become redundant as a friend and obsolete as a lover so many times that I tend to meet the idea with some skepticism.  Dogs love unconditionally.  Dogs don't forget.  I've never met anyone currently in love who won't tell you that their current inflammation stands head and shoulders above any priors.  No comparison.  No context.  Then I remember consoling them through the last break-up, and the never going to have another like that one tears.


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