Friday, September 30, 2016

A General Theory of Oblivion - Jose Eduardo Agualusa

Fascinating novel set against a backdrop of a very real story that we never heard much about on this end of the world.  Certainly there was talk during the Reagan years of efforts to keep out the Marxists, and about some strife there, but there was never a historical context to work with.  We didn't learn about Portuguese colonization beyond what went on here on this side of the Atlantic, and maybe a bit about India 400 some-odd years ago.

The novel itself though... I mean, you could look at the synopsis on Amazon but it doesn't do the work justice.

More later.

Still processing.

Funny though how books and art can come into one's life randomly.  I wasn't seeking this out, nor had I read a review.  It was just sitting in a pile of books at work, having been submitted last year to the editorial department for review.  Most of them are books on economics or finance and assorted non-fiction.  This was just... there.

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