Sunday, September 11, 2016


I don't really speak too much about it, because to be honest I don't really think about it all that often.  It may have slipped my mind entirely were it not for the incessant news coverage, which 15 years on now, only starts about a week in advance.  That lead time has grown shorter.

No, while on the day itself the feeling was one of being under the fallen debris, I feel now like I'm floating high above it and viewing it all from a great distance.

Something changed.  Perspective maybe.  Many weeks into my obsession with it, it struck me where there are places  where such profane violence happens nearly daily.  There are places that seem to have been at war since I was shat out onto this planet.  No small number of these places may have already found peace were it not for intervention from the US of A.  So in that light I all of a sudden felt not only connected to everyone else everyplace else who has been frightened, but I felt responsible for them.  It's not like any of it all happened simply because people hate Americans just for the sake of it.  It was a response.

Anyway... I remember feeling afraid.

Then I realized it was the same old fear.   It was just a fresh delivery.

But mostly I don't think about it so often.

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