Thursday, August 18, 2016

Why the fuck not?

via roarie_yum

I probably shouldn't make more of this than it is but I wish it didn't make so much fucking sense.  I have, in piques of maudlin sentiment, been entirely convinced of higher powers in The Universe and will still get on my knees and pray.  There exists in me a powerful superstition that impels me to kneel and give thanks when the odd really good thing happens.  There was one incredibly well-timed bailout recently  that has had me down on the floor at bedside so many times that goat-knee-callouses are forming.

Then some rational beast inside bitchslaps me and demands to know what the fuck is wrong with me.  Why not someone from the future in place of a benevolent astral grandpa?

Why not?

But of course this window-missive from Tasmania is only whimsy.  It does open the floor to questions though.

Why not?

Or rather, please come soon and set a few motherfuckers straight.

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