Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Park Life

The park has been a little corner of heaven for me in the last few months.  One part back to the land with a healthy dose of hideout and a little bit of hangout.  It's not quite a Walden Pond experience but it's helped me stay level at a time when I'm trying to rely less on company and sit in my worst feelings.  Just sit in them.  Sit through them.  Remove th and you end up with rough.  There have been more than a few rough days.  I got through but they were rough.  

And I've thought an awful lot about taking off for the country.   Or a country.  It doesn't have to be this country.  It could be pretty much anywhere.  Maybe.

But for today...

I don't know.  Only thing I'm running out of faster than money is friends.  I can hold onto a grudge longer than I can hold onto a job these days.  Shit is weird.

But I'll end with this, more Willis Earl Beal... this one is... Screaming Jay Hawkins meets Tom Waits meets Wesley Snipes on the set of Blade XI.  

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