Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Checking Out

It was suggested that the use of the term "Final Solution" was insensitive, and it probably wasn't so well thought out. There really isn't much method in this madness. Glossophagia is rather like a mudroom at the back of a big sprawling house. It's where things are shed on the way in and out and they're often not properly seen to after the fact. My use of FS was in reference to the Pere Ubu/Rocket From the Tombs song of the same name, and not the Third Reich platform to annihilate Jews.  It was about self-annihilation.

That in mind it's probably best, if the thread continues, to find another descriptor.  The only thing that comes to mind is checking in or checking out of a hotel.

Hence the title...

Apologies are in order.

I'm sorry.

There will be no apologies, however, for the topic of suicide.  That's been covered in prior missives.  It's not going to happen.

It was a pleasant surprise to discover that Willis Earl Beal himself had reposted my initial blog entry (click here) on his Facebook page and it garnered nearly 200 hits from around the world in a single day.  That was a lot of fun, somewhat validating and all that.

Anyhoo... starting a new contract gig today and have to be fresh.  Last night wasn't exactly restful.  It wasn't full on insomnia but it wasn't peaceful either.  It's time to get right in the head.  That would usually require 3 or 4 miles (or more) in the park or around the neighborhood and a rigorous workout with weights.  This morning it's just going to have to be about 30 minutes of meditation.

Wish me luck.

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