Monday, July 11, 2016


It was all I hoped it would be...

And again I am forced to confront the reality that my life is comprised of two inventories.  There is my daily gratitude list, and certainly the number of things/people/etc. that I have to be grateful for is considerable.  That truth is never far from my thoughts.  At the same time there is this greater existential angst which I believe is the natural reaction to events and situations I find myself in, or that exist in my immediate surroundings.  It may even be considered a greater blessing to be gifted with some wonderful people with whom to spend my days when the state of the world beyond my circle is utter crap (and it really is).  

I don't want to write on spitting, sputtering tirade after another about the shit state of race relations, or poverty, or politicking...

Ugh... I can't really get it together this morning.  A summer cold, and perhaps something else entirely, have conspired to fog my thoughts.  I'll let the image above speak for me.

You know what the fuck I mean.

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