Monday, June 20, 2016

Ol' 55

The song has been stuck in my head for days now.  Well, not the song really.  Just the song title.  I'm going to be 55 years old in a couple months.

Ol' 55...

The song has nothing at all to do with me, or even with turning 55 years old.  It's not about aging at all.  It is, however, kind of melancholic and nostalgic.  It's got that distant and lonesome thing that's always appealed so much to me.  Funny, it didn't really when the Eagles performed it.  It was just more of that annoying, cloying, saccharine sweet California Lite-Rock.  Then I heard the original though and that was a game changer in my relationship with the song.

It still has nothing to do with aging, or turning 55.  Pretty much everything else in my head does though so that seems to be where this space is going to be heading for the next few months, and maybe beyond.  Let's see where it goes.

Freeways, cars and trucks...

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