Sunday, August 31, 2014

23rd Street Runs Into Heaven

Kaethe Butcher

But then there's this, by Kenneth Patchen and I repeat this about once every six months:

23rd Street Runs into Heaven"

You stand near the window as lights wink
On along the street. Somewhere a trolley, taking
Shop girls and clerks home, clatters through
To find the garbage cans sealed; newsboys
Begin their murder-into-pennies round.

We are shut in, secure for a little, safe until
Tomorrow. You slip your dress off, roll down
Your stockings, carful against runs. Naked now,
With soft light on soft flesh, you pause
For a moment; turn and face me-
Smile in a way that only women know
Who have lain long with their lover
And are made more virginal.

Our supper is plain but we are very wonderful.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Turtle Walker UES NYC

The Duh of Pooh

My fondest memory of childhood is my mother reading A.A. Milne to me and my brother before we went to sleep.  I often wondered why they said Pooh was a bear of very little brains while everyone about him said such stupid shit.

Crap I Wish Was Real, Part 337

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Friday, August 15, 2014

Who, indeed?

This Isn't Happiness


One of my clients is a spa that does a bit of this and a bit of that, all at a fee.  Some people want to be as hairless as newborns.  I don't really get it, but whatever.  I just find the phrasing interesting.  I mean, just look at it. 

"We will wax your ass, but if you want us to hit that crack, aw hell... you're paying extra.  Trust."  

Full Legs$55$80
Half Legs$35$45
Full Arms$40$60
Half Arms$30$40
Hands and Fingers-$35
French Bikini$35-
Brazilian Bikini$45& Up$70 & Up
Buttocks( cheeks)-$25
Inner Buttocks$10$18
Buttocks w/inner-$35
Wax$20 & Up$25 & Up
Tweezing$25 & up$35 & up
Lower face$40-
Ears and Nose$15$20
Chest-$55 & up
Stomach$10$20 and up
Chest and Stomach-$65 and up
Neck and shoulders-$30
Back-$55 and up
Back Sides-$20
Back and Sides-$65 and up
Lower Back$20$30
Back Shoulders & half Arms-$90
Full Body-$220

Hair Removal By Shaving

Neck and Shoulder$15
Brazilian Bikini$55
Chest and stomach$50
Full body$175

Tree Rat

Wednesday, August 13, 2014



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