Saturday, July 07, 2012

What might you say to your younger self?

Had you the opportunity to go back and give one bit of advice, knowing what you now know, to your younger self, what might that be?  This question keeps appearing in my path, of late, perhaps because of my old habits of being drawn to pointless pseudo-intellectual excursions.  It does lend an opportunity for reflection though.  What has been learned?

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And so I reflect on this child:

What could I say to him that might change where I stand at this moment?  What could be said to ease his path?  Herein lies the problem:

I recall getting what I know now to be solid advice.

I recall getting what I know now to be great advice.

I recall getting what I know now to be very bad advice.

I have no recollection whatsoever of having taken any of those suggestions, any of which, good, bad or middle ground, may have smoothed my path, helped me along, or taught me a hard lesson much younger than I eventually learned it.  None of it.

So what would I say to this child--and I recall the day this photo was taken with remarkable clarity as it was the day I learned I was painfully nearsighted--that he would have listened to?  Probably nothing.  He did it all, for better or for worse, and often for worse, his own way.