Sunday, August 28, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole

Brief update... Irene's big ol' backside is still kicking up a mess along the shore, and there has been considerable damage up and down the coast, but it must be said... NYC dodged a bullet. She slammed ashore at Coney Island as a tropical storm at about 8 this morning. It's my not so humble opinion that people who are now griping that there was too much hype really need to count their blessings.

My fears, down here in the bunker, were not entirely unfounded. The water started coming in just before 1 a.m. The blessing was that it was clean (semi-clean) rain water from somewhere above, and not from the Ghostbuster's river of slime that runs under the street. Over the course of a very long night, I filled a five gallon bucket eight times, and got about an hour of sleep sitting up on the sofa. My preparations, putting everything up high, did not go unrewarded. The only damage is to the sheetrock low along the back wall of the apartment. The landlord has already called.

I can think of several dozen things I would have rather done on a Saturday night, but the upside is that once you've wrung out a string mop several hundred times, you can crack coconuts in your hands. I just have to be careful not to hurt myself... uh... THAT'S A JOKE SON! LAUGH! You know, one of those thinly-veiled, off-color things.

Never mind.

It's all good. I'm glad it's mostly over, and we all got to see Mayor Michael Bloomberg BUST OUT HIS SPANISH.


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