Friday, August 01, 2008

On turning 47, Part 1

It's coming in a few weeks, and of course I'm still thinking about it. And I'm asking why it sounds so much older than 45 or 46. There is some mystical power in 47 that makes it sound like more than a number. I needed some answers.

Where do you go when you need answers? WIKIPEDIA, of course.

I like this excerpt: Scheherazade Numbers: 47: The first prime number beyond the trigonometric limit is 47. The number 47 may be a flying increment to fill allspace, to fill out the eight triangular facets of the non-allspace-filling vector equilibrium to form the allspace-filling first nuclear cube. If 47 as a factor produces a Scheherazade Number with mirrors, it may account not only for all the specks of dust in the Universe but for all the changes of cosmic restlessness, accounting the convergent-divergent next event, which unbalances the even and rational whole numbers. If 47 as a factor does not produce a Scheherazade Number with mirrors, it may explain that there can be no recurring limit symmetries. It may be that 47 is the cosmic random element, the agent of infinite change.

Firstly, I don't know what a "Scheherazade Number" is but I like the way it sounds. I like the literary reference, and I like Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade, and I like the way it sounds.

Secondly, it's a prime number. I'm in my prime, not quite unlike Miss Jean Brodie, but not possessed of a Mussolini fetish and totally possessed of male genetalia. Yes, you get to keep that stuff as you get older. And "beyond the trigonometric limit" sounds totally science fiction.

Mostly, I like that 47 might be the cosmic random element and the agent of infinite change. If this holds true, then I could have a hell of a year coming up.


Bina Shah said...

I'll have to spank you 47 times; it's a hell of a job but someone's got to do it.

Amy said...

With those Scheherazade numbers you will surely go to the mooooooooooooooooon! Oh, and you spelled "genitalia" wrong. [Snicker!]

celticgods said...

Oh no! Tell me there's no Part 2 please!!!
You need a swim in the sea and a stiff drink.

Anonymous said...

When's your birthday, G?


MacGregor Rucker said...

Oh I live on the edge... no spell check for me.

End of the month, JP. You've got another 4 weeks of me carrying on!

Vikka Voss said...

For various reasons, each one of us hits a hard age & that number differs for all. For me, it was 21. I know... 21? It seemed a time of finally having numerical proof of being an adult, which meant to me at that time, "No more mistakes, wake up, you're an adult now." I'm 49 now with plenty of mistakes behind me. Each decade has gotten better in some ways. I'm looking forward to 50. Happy Birthday! Many more to you! Enjoy... Vikka

MacGregor Rucker said...

Vikka--there are definitely psychological stumbling blocks associated to age and numbers. I'm not really having a hard time with 47, but I admit that it sounds like so much more... it bears examination. A little anyway. And I discussed this with my friend George a few years ago--people react to numbers where age is concerned. Personal ads for example, a person will indicate a desirable age range. One number in one direction to young and another too old? Too old or young for what? And then there are those in any setting who will shave off a couple years. Some more than a couple! Men add inches... to height and otherwise. Men who are half a head shorter than I am will claim to be 6'2". Now I know that I'm not 6'6"!!!! These men obviously don't want to date me so they've got to be saying this for themselves.

MacGregor Rucker said...

And Vikka... please feel free to leave as many comments as you like! The best reason to blog instead of just have a diary is to get information and input from other people on any number of topics.

And JP. It's August 28th. I'm a Virgin!!!