Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bees do it

Catch a buzz!

Had this happened on this side of the pond with an American plane, I'm quite certain that Congress would have already convened a special anti-terror panel and planned a new Surge Against Beehives.


Bina said...

I don't know how many Air Force and PIA planes over here get grounded because birds fly into the engines and windscreens. They say it's because there are some huge garbage dumps built very close to the airport so a lot of birds gather there for feeding and run right into the planes.

MacGregor Rucker said...

So you're saying we should wage a war against birds, right? If so, I agree entirely. I saw that movie, and I think maybe it could really happen! Could we get away with just firebombing the garbage dumps?

Bina said...

Only if we put all the world's politicians inside them first.